Paragliding Tandem FlightsGift Certificates

No prior experience is required

Paragliding tandem flights are available with our top team. 
For more than decade, we have been open year-round, seven days week. 
You may buy any gift card and use it to pay for anything. 
Following receipt of your gift, the receiver simply phones or emails us to book their paragliding travel flights.

Paragliding Tandem Flights: Gift Certificates

Sopot Paragliding Gift Certificate

Give your loved one a unique experience of a lifetime by flying over Sopot, on the south slopes of a mountain range that stretches for more than 500 kilometers

Sofia Paragliding Gift Certificate

Make your loved one appreciate the beautiful view of Bulgaria’s capital from the edge of the Vitosha Mountains. This is a one-in-a-lifetime and unforgettable experience. 

Sea Paragliding


Your loved one will surely be captivated by the Black Sea and Sliven, with its rocky surroundings. The view is so relaxing that it is truly an unforgettable gift that he or she will treasure.

Choose Your Bulgarian Paragliding Adventure

Let your loved one choose a paragliding adventure for his or her birthday, anniversary, graduation or any other celebration. Experience Bulgarian heights like a free bird.

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