How To Go Paragliding In Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a great place to go paragliding.

Paragliding is available in Bulgaria, particularly at Sopot, where you will have the chance to fly over beautiful mountains.

These flights might be panoramic, which means you’ll get to see amazing views of the countryside.

This is a one-of-a-kind gift, and the images and movies you may acquire to commemorate your flight will provide you with memories to relive the thrills and joy of that unforgettable experience.

What Should I Wear?

Wear clothing that will protect you from the chilly wind, such as a thick jacket and warm pants. Comfortable clothing and footwear are essential. Even in the summer, shorts and a T-shirt are not encouraged.

What About The Flight?

The maximum height you may attain is determined by the current weather and air current.

Paragliders may travel at speeds ranging from 20 to 75 kilometers per hour.

The average flight time is about 70-60 minutes.

You may get images and videos of your performance for both shorter and longer flights.

Bulgarian Paragliding Locations

Because of the favorable relief of the Balkan Range slopes, Sopot is the most popular paragliding destination. This charming village is 135 kilometers from Sofia and is located in a region rich in natural attractions and historical sites.

On Vitosha, a mountain in the area of Sofia, paragliding contests are held.

Another famous site for enthusiasts of this extreme activity is the hamlet of Dobrostan, which is located near Plovdiv in south Bulgaria. Sofia and Dobrostan are separated by 189 kilometers.

If you wish to combine a vacation at the coast, by the Black Sea, with a paragliding flight, Sliven, with its rocky surroundings, will meet you for paragliding excursions. The distance between Varna and Sliven is 238 kilometers, while the town is 312 kilometers from Sofia.

In the Albena resort, 30 kilometers from Varna, you may go paragliding while relaxing by the sea. The distance between Sofia and Albena is 555 kilometers. The settlement of Topola, near Balchik, a tiny town 30 kilometers from Varna and close to the Albena resort, is another nearby attraction.

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