How To Start Paragliding

Have you ever wished to be able to fly like a bird? Here, we show you how to become airborne and offer you his best suggestions for newbies who are just getting started in the sport.

1. Schedule A Tandem Flight.

You could appreciate the appearance of paragliding, but being in the hot seat up in the air will be a very other experience. Book a tandem flight with a professional to experience what it’s like to soar with the birds without the extra burden of handling the massive banana-shaped cloth over your head.

2. Enroll In A Class.

If the vertigo didn’t bother you during your tandem flight, you may wish to pursue your dream of becoming a pilot. To do so, you’ll need to enroll in a course taught by recognized experts who will transform you from a soulless earth dweller to a sky deity in no time. Paragliding might be costly in the beginning, but after you have a license and equipment, all you have to worry about is getting to the places where you can fly.

3. Purchase The Appropriate Equipment For Your Needs.

The incorrect equipment may rapidly turn individuals away from the activity. Drill your teachers for guidance and pay attention to what they say; they’ll be able to point you in the proper direction. You’ll need a paraglider, harness, reserve, and EN966-certified helmet at the very least. A full equipment may cost roughly €3,000 (£2,685) new or less than €1,500 (£1,340) used. If you’re purchasing used, be careful to inquire about the kit’s recent service history, since this suggests its airworthiness. The appropriate gear may be the difference between a lengthy career as a pilot and never wishing to take the paraglider out of the bag again.

4. Join A Group.

You’ll be able to safely fly inside a club setting after you’ve completed training with a local school. Of course, this necessitates joining a club. This will most likely be the one nearest to your house or the one affiliated with your paragliding school. Joining a club will enable you to communicate with other pilots and get guidance from them. 

5. Make Pals With Whom You Can Fly.

When you’re new out of flight school, it’s critical that you establish relationships with people who have (ideally) many years of experience that you can absorb to help you improve. When you first start paragliding, choose which paragliding location to fly and on which day might be tough. Your pals will be able to transport you to the appropriate location at the appropriate moment. Attending club evenings will enable you to meet area pilots and club instructors who are dedicated to assisting low-airtime pilots.