Форум за парапланеризъм

Paragliding Forum A Guide for Beginners & Experts

Having a Paragliding forum is extremely helpful while engaging in this intensive leisure activity. You will get a great deal of information and inspiration.

There is no much more extreme free flight activity than paragliding. It is one of the thrilling outdoor sports that require parachutes and courage, which defies and harnesses the law of flight and gravity.

Also, because of paragliding’s adventurous flying and fantastic paragliders performing acrobatics in the air, many people throughout the world were encouraged to try paragliding. However, some people often fail to do paragliding due to their lack of knowledge about the extreme free-flight sport.

So, to help those people and you, if you find paragliding an interesting sport, we have compiled here in this post the list of the Top 5 paragliding forum, which you can visit to know and discuss more the things about paragliding and its equipment.

Top 5 Paragliding Forum for Beginners and Experts

  1. FlyBubble Paragliding

Flybubble is a blog site for many free-flight activities, such as Hang Gliding, Speed Flying, Paramotoring, Paragliding, Flight Equipments, and so on. Because of this, it is one of the best paragliding sites for beginners. Also, FlyBubble is both a distributor of such types of free-flight equipment and a flight training center located in the UK, which offers quality service and products.

  1. justACRO.com

justACRO.com or the Acro Paragliding Portal is a website for paraglider pilots who perform air acrobats. It is also one of the perfect websites or forums for paragliding experts, or those who want to explore and learn how to perform tricks and acrobats in paragliding. Furthermore, justACRO.com is like a catalog of paragliding tricks and acrobats performed by many paragliders.

  1. Cloudbase Mayhem

Now, if you want to listen to some discussions and interviews about paragliding, then Cloudbase Mayhem is the perfect forum for you. It is a podcast where you will get to listen to various and fascinating interviews and discussions about such free-flight activities from the finest free-flight and paragliding pilots worldwide, hosted by Gavin McClurg.

  1. Ozone Paragliders

In terms of paragliding equipment, Ozone Paragliders is the best answer. Ozone is also among the leading producers and suppliers of paragliding equipment. Behind Ozone Paragliders, is a team of paragliding pilots, which plan and implement every idea they come to think of. Moreover, Ozone Paragliders has a website, flyozone.com, where they discuss and share the latest news about paragliding.

  1. 365hops.com

If you want to learn other ideas about paragliding and connect with other paragliders from throughout the country, 365hops.com is the website for you. 365hops.com is a forum for sharing experiences, adventures, extreme activities, and travel destinations, which aims to bring people who have an interest in adventure and recreational activities together.


Paragliding is no doubt an extreme recreational activity, which requires safety precautions, courage, and extensive knowledge. So, before engaging in this extreme kind of sport, it is much better to study, understand, and explore it. And, to help you in your research about paragliding, you may try visiting a Paragliding forum, a platform where various information and discussions are shared. Furthermore, visiting and engaging through various paragliding forums will lead you to extensive knowledge and ideas, which will prepare you for paragliding.