Bulgaria Paragliding

Why Paraglide in Bulgaria?

With a growing number of people venturing into the mountains on vacation to hike and climb, finding suitable spots away from the throng is becoming more challenging. Travellers are looking for new places to visit for their outdoor interests, places with magnificent unspoilt environment and mountain ranges that are safe, affordable, and readily accessible.

The Balkan peninsula is one of those places: mainly unknown and unaffected by development, with magnificent alpine mountains but none of the Alps’ throng.

With the alpine Rila and Pirin massifs with their rocky, pointed peaks with hundreds of turquoise glacial lakes, or the Balkan range with its beautiful waterfalls and bright meadows, or maybe the Rhodopes with their lush forests and interesting paths, Bulgaria is definitely not short of mountains. The Bulgarian highlands will enchant you with their breathtaking vistas and some of Europe’s finest hiking trails.

Paragliding is one of the best ways to enjoy the beauty of Bulgaria.

Every daredevil knows deep down that paragliding is something they want to do. You want to experience the surge of excitement, but there is always a cause that prevents you from doing so. As a result, if you’ve wanted to experience paragliding for a long time but have never had the opportunity or been brave enough, now is the moment to try paragliding in Bulgaria!

We offer you the chance to attempt the finest paragliding experience in Bulgaria, and you don’t even need a paragliding license. We provide the finest tandem paragliding flights here at Bulgaria Paragliding, which is one of the top locations to paraglide in the world! Without further ado, here are some of the most fascinating aspects of paragliding that you definitely aren’t aware of!

Start paragliding in Bulgaria now!

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Paragliding is becoming more popular in Bulgaria. Join the thousands of people who are excited to see the world from a bird’s eye perspective while hanging from a paraglider’s wing.


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Bulgaria Paragliding