What Is The Price Of A Paraglider?

Are you thinking of taking up a new sport? Is paragliding one of your greatest ambitions? We at Bulgaria Paragliding know how amazing it is to fly over the sky and see the world from above, therefore we want to urge you to try it. This might be one of your biggest concerns while learning to paraglide. How much cash do you require? Is it worthwhile for me to invest in my own equipment? This is a topic that every paraglider has pondered at some point. We’ll untangle it for you today.

How Much Does A Paraglider Cost?

The price of a paraglider, like anything else, is determined by the kind of paraglider you want to buy, how often you expect to use it, and how much you know about the sport.

Before you go ahead and start comparing costs, keep in mind that paragliders demand a financial investment. It is essential to ensure that the quality and resistance of your paraglider are appropriate for your safety.

Please do not be hesitant to invest a little additional money to ensure that you have the greatest equipment and that you can genuinely enjoy your paragliding experience.

The Price Of Paragliding

Paragliders may cost anywhere between 3.500 and 4.000 euros, depending on the brand and type. There are also other stores where you may get models for less than 3.000€ that are very appealing.

If you want to save money, you may consider purchasing a used paraglider. This option is far less expensive; nevertheless, you need to devote more effort to choosing the best one for you.

What About The Price Of Paragliding Equipment?

Apart from the paraglider, as you may know, there are many more. This contains all of the paragliding equipment, safety equipment, and extras. Because we are talking about goods that will make your journey safer and more pleasurable, we urge on selecting high-quality equipment and evaluating various manufacturers.

Here’s A List Of Some Of The Supplies You’ll Need, Along With Their Prices:

Harness For Paragliders

Not all harnesses are created equal. Some of them have additional straps on which you may rest your feet while flying. They may also put you in a more reclined posture or be of various forms. Choose the one that best meets your needs and has the most amenities. The most affordable harness will set you back about 500€, while the most costly will set you back no more than 2000€.

The Headgear

Another important piece of paragliding gear is the helmet. Because you never know the posture you will strike the ground in, make sure you select one that is comfortable and protects your face from all sides. This should add roughly 300€ to the cost of paragliding, depending on the brand.


Yes! To fly, you’ll need special footwear. During landing, your feet will take a lot of punishment, and it will be quite simple for you to twist your ankle. Choose a pair of shoes or boots that will cover and protect them while still being comfortable for you. The price ranges between 300 and 400 euros.


This is one of the most essential paraglider accessories. There are several possibilities and alternatives available. It will cost you roughly 100€ to get started, while the more professional ones may cost up to 400€.

The Paragliding Reserve Is A Place Where You May Go Paragliding.

Remember to obtain a paragliding reserve in case you have any difficulties while flying. Try to choose one that is as large as possible and has strong aerodynamic qualities. The pricing range is quite broad, ranging from 600€ for less expensive versions to more than 1000€ for more expensive variants.

Purchase A Variometer.

The variometer should be included in the pricing of a paraglider. This style of gear is more usually used by experienced paragliders, but it may be quite handy for you as well. The cost might vary from 100€ to over 2000€.

This is a rough list of what you would need to purchase in addition to your paraglider.